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An 8' 4/5 wt. Intersted in a Fenwick Graphite 2nd Generation HMG 805 and/or 806 with USA made brown blank. Last season I also picked up a few Denali Myriads and eyecons. Today Fenwick has a complete line of fishing rods and reels for various types of fishing, from ice fishing to fly fishing and from freshwater to saltwater. A Fenwick HMG 8' 5wt., from 1973, the first year of production. Bass Fishing Forum > General Bass Fishing Discussion > Rods, Reels and Fishing Line > Rods > Topic: Fenwick HMG opinions. Watch BASSIN' USA ProStaff team member Kevin Springer put the Fenwick 7' HMG rod to the test. not sure if i should get a 7' medium mod-fast action or 7' med-heavy fast action for my bait caster. Description; Details; I really like the way this rod casts about as well as the Aetos. All have the same braid line and reels. I took my friend out fishing today and it was a nice rod, the whole setup looked like it was never used. It caught lots of walleye without the tip i just cut it back to the next eye. If anything it has a little faster action than the Aetos and this gives it a nice feel in tight. There's a thread on early Fenwick graphite here. Excellent condition prefered. Finding one slot for this coming Thursday anyone. Read and compare experiences fishermans have had with HMG rod. I love old fenwick rods from feralites to fenglass even the pacific sticks. Here at RodsReview.com you'll find a user's Fenwick reviews, fishing tests and experts tips. THe guy said it was a year old rod and he never really got to using it. ). You referring to JB tackle shop? I run 8lb test with it and usually use jigs 1/16-1/8th oz range and sometimes up to 1/4oz. Elite tech, 5'9" medium, 1 piece. The two previous generations of these Fenwick HMG rods had 'GFF' ('Graphite Fenwick Fly') followed by the length (in inches or in feet) and the line rating. Add to cart. I actually did not buy this rod, but rather cast another guy's 8wt who just bought the rod. A true "medium action" trout rod which makes the same graceful and delicate cast with 6' or 60' of line. Bass Fishing Forum > General Bass Fishing Discussion > Rods, Reels and Fishing Line > Rods > Topic: Fenwick HMG, Abu Garcia Vendetta or F&S Tec-Spec Elite; ADD SPACE Laurie Cork Ph. Many off-site friendships have formed with others who share the same interests in the outdoors through the site. The Fenwick HMG was the original graphite rod. Only it was a spinning rod and he contacted Fenwick and they sent him a … They were designed by Jim Green, not Don Green (though both were involved with Fenwick and then Sage). Forum Thread . There was a shop at Yishun. want to cast far without having to really whip the rod. Not terrible, just doesn���t feel as comfortable or sensitive as my st. Croix. Advanced Search. Search Fenwick:: HMG . Founded in 1999, Michigan-Sportsman.com started as a collection of links to Michigan related sites, and a series of manually edited blogs. I like the Okuma Dead eye there is a noticeable difference when i jig with that rod I bought one last year for around a hundred bucks, and of course i already managed to break the tip off it. Put a couple 1/4oz weights on a couple pieces of line with paper clips on the ends. I was not happy about that, ill probably end up getting another St. Croix, probably the eyecon this time. Get the best deals on Fly Fishing Rod Fenwick Fishing Rods & Poles when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Singapore's Number 1 Fishing Community that also caters to other parts of Southeast Asia. Overall Customer Rating: Fenwick HMG Rods 4.55 out of 5 (22 Reviews) Manufacturer: Fenwick I seem to lose fish on the 5”6 med heavy Myriad and the med eyecon is the least sensitive of the 3 jigging. In late 1999, we started our first message board. Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals Fenwick HMG / Pflueger President Spinning Combo - $99. I have an older Fenwick wood stream HMG GFL 108-7. I've had to use that a few times when I did something dumb. FOR SALE - Denver, CO - fenwick hmg 8.5 ft. aftma line #7 model gff857-4 like new Location: lakewood Price: $120 fenwick fly rod (lakewood) $120 - JLA FORUMS fenwick fly rod (lakewood) $120 Some Woodstream HMG rods also a 'T' at the end to designate 'Traditional', indicating a softer action more akin (they hoped) to 'boo. The blank is sanded and unfinished, and overall the rod has a very clean overall look and feel. My friend David broke his on a 8 lbr LMB he estimated. Fenwick's Elite Tech and Techna AV rods are absolutely awesome, the HMG isnt bad and the HMX is a nice rod for the money. It was one of the early Fenwick graphite rods and is a direct descendant of the FF series rods. The model info was handwritten on the shaft. Super sensitive and light. $150.00. They were the pioneers of graphite rods when manufacturers were using boron or composite fiberglass. By saying the HMG started … (318)560-9827 I have HMX HMG and Elite Tech Fenwick rods and use them interchangeably. I have the Fenwick walleye elite 5”9 med. Hi Guys, I've been looking around for Fenwick rod, more specifically Fenwick HMG (HMG76ML- FS) (HMG76ML- MS-2) (HMG70M) or Fenwick Eagle it seems like fenwick is not quite popular nowadays? FOR SALE - Denver, CO - The HMG series were the worlds first graphite rod with carbon binding. 5,525 Views 19 Comments. I don't think you can go wrong with Fenwick rods. The "Fenwick" logo isn't what makes the HMG feel better than an Ugly Stik GX2, it's the construction of the rod -- and the Ugly Stik carbon is more like an HMG than a GX2 in terms of construction. IM6 rod, made by Glenn Brackett in the 90's for the children's charity he supports. Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by Jiggin Jay, Nov 13, 2018. Test and reviews of Fenwick HMG Fenwick. I can't speak for the 6'9" ML HMG, but I own a 6'6" M HMG which is about 8yo and is still my favorite walleye rod over my 6'3" M EliteTech and 6'6" M STC Premier. i am looking at buying a fenwick HMG rod and was wondering what your opinions on which action and weight i should get. … Guess its just another profit issue for them to stop selling those priced valued rugged rod. Care to buy us a beer? Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Fenwick HMG Graphite 2pc Fly Rod Model GIFF 959-2 9’6” 5oz 9wt Lot N1. Fishing Forum ; Fenwick Rods Ain't What They Used To Be Fenwick Rods Ain't What They Used To Be. Love the hmg but about the same rod as sc. ok fellas I got the falcon hd rods in I ordered from academy. (318)560-9827 It isn't as elegant as the Aetos or the World Class, but casts well and is another bargain for the price. so, now back to the drawing board. Which one? Both of these Fenwick rods are pleasant to cast and are hard to beat for the money. Thank you. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want … The original Fenwick HMG rods were gray with a greenish gray NCP wraps and a sleeve ferrule. i bought one of those 2 years ago, lasted for maybe 2 months before the tip snapped off. It was a marriage of my passions for the outdoors and the internet. Have both an eagle and elite tech. I can't speak for the 6'9" ML HMG, but I own a 6'6" M HMG which is about 8yo and is still my favorite walleye rod over my 6'3" M EliteTech and 6'6" M STC Premier. Custom Fenwick HMG 1441; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Thanks for your patronage - Steve. When graphite rods first was introduced the HMG where the first rods out that I can remember. Was told by a kaki here that it's about 20% with lots of variety to choose from. We'd really appreciate it! Great starter rods especially the eagle. Their popular spinning rods the Fenwick GT has an upgraded design and are now rebranded as the Fenwick Eagle. For the SAME price, I would get a Triumph 100% of the time. looking at casting spinner baits and chatter baits. :opps: May be you can check around where they shifted. I have several Fenwick HMG rods, spinning & casting, in various actions and they work good, what I like best is the lifetime warranty. It was one of Michigan's first social networks. With a $20 price difference, in today's market, I would take whichever you can actually get your hands on, and that might be neither honestly. They are great sensitive rods. Another good stick from Fenwick. $18.14 shipping. (318)347-7380 You can Email Me Here Mike Cork Ph. I own two of them HMG. Fenwick HMG vs St Croix Triumph Strictly Fishing. Shoulda did warranty claim their customer service is one of the best. Bought it after a handful of Fenwick HMG. First Unread. But i might try the Elite Tech from Fenwick. We are currently operating our customer service department and distribution center in compliance with enhanced safety procedures. It was, and still is, a revelation. Was thinking about getting an eyecon but read stuff on Fenwick and thought I���d give it a try. Then in 1973, Fenwick was the first to introduce an all-graphite fishing rod, now the world-famous HMG (High Modulus Graphite) which revolutionized rods and how anglers fished. This is a 10FT, 6.5 weight rod in like new condition, never u ... Fenwick HMG Blank Fishing Rod (Broomfield) $145 - JLA FORUMS And yes, they are still highly prized among tournament casters, who use them in accuracy events. 2Jan nite trip looking for 2-3 slots to fill, 8Jan Southern Island day fishing-looking for 1-2pax. Due … which would be better and why? It's as good as my Loomis at less than half the price. Changi pro used to sell them, and they did some sales a year or two back... then bring in those local brand. Search This Thread. Fenwick HMG quantity. Put a couple 1/4oz weights on a couple pieces of line with paper clips on the ends. Fenwick will normally replace it if you send it back! In my limited experience I find that the early green/black, HMG fenwicks are different enough from the later brown gff, hmg rods that they should be considered different rods entirely even though they share the same model number.

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